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"Harvest" - Print

There is simply nothing more rewarding than carrying home a bountiful harvest of fresh garden vegetables that you have toiled over all summer. Vegetable gardening was a way of life for my parents and grandparents. My memories are infused with dark rich soil, the excitement of who would find the largest potato hidden beneath the now dying vine, and the taste of fresh corn on the cob covered in butter. Each cabbage was pieced together from articles about growing cabbages in the March, 1965 issue of Organic Gardening and Farming magazine and given shades of green with acrylic paint. Finding images of vegetables in old magazines became a harvest within itself as I attempted to fill this gardeners basket. Beatrix Potter is one of my all time favorite children's authors and illustrators. Her classic story of Peter Rabbit, and his visit to Mr. McGregor's garden are what became the "fabric" for the gardener's gloves.

"Harvest" - Print

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