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"Slow Food" - Print

This piece was inspired by my maternal Grandmother. I wrote an essay about going to my Grandparents home in rural southern Ohio, where in the story I find grandma, "Sitting beneath a canopy that the large oak tree provides, Sara smiles, gesturing with one hand for you to join her. Climbing the slight hill behind the house, you can see the page of an old newspaper spread across her lap indicating that she is snapping fresh green beans from the garden.


Never stopping the rhythmic flow, she welcomes you to sit a spell, as she breaks the beans into pieces. Dropping the chosen segments into the old enamel-coated pot with one hand, she swiftly releases the unwanted remains onto yesterday’s sports page." I found a 1970's sports page from an old Casper,


Wyoming newspaper at a friends house with an article about John McEnroe playing tennis at Kings Island in Cincinnati that I thought would be the perfect piece for Grandma's lap. Her apron is designed from excerpts of an article on food and CSA's, which I thought Grandma would have found interesting.

"Slow Food" - Print

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  • Numbered, archival quality prints.


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